How Instagram’s latest API changes affect the use of streamchartz®

5. April 2015

Without prior notification, Instagram changed its API (application programming interface) yesterday...

Without prior notification, Instagram changed its API (application programming interface) yesterday, 4 April, restricting the number of permitted API calls per hour from formerly 5,000 to 200. These changes affect all users of the Instagram API and thus all users of Streamchartz®.

First, the good news: Already existing user-generated content which is currently used and displayed by Streamchartz® is not be affected. However, there are several implications which the new API request limit has on the functionality and usage of Steamchartz® accounts:

  • ● Compiling postings from unowned Instagram accounts is no longer possible.
    •        ● There is an exception for compiling hashtag content, yet the new API limits do apply.
    •        ● It is still possible to compile postings from your own Instagram accounts for which you have log-in data.
  • ● Instagram posts on Streamchartz® can no longer compile and display the profile pictures and full names of authors.
    •        ● What will still be shown on the posts, though, is the usernames and Instagram handles of authors.

This is how Streamchartz® is adapting to the new Instagram API:

  • ● Instagram handles for which you have no log-in data can no longer be connected.
    •        ● You may still add any Instagram handle for which you have log-in data.
  • Placeholders for authors’ profile pictures will be added on Instagram posts.
    •        ● This does not affect Instagram posts from your brand’s or company’s account, which will still display the profile picture and full name of the author.

We at Streamchartz® are doing everything we can to find the best way to handle Instagram’s API changes.

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