Social walls for digital trendscouting

Creative and marketing teams have to be ahead of time and recognize trends at an early stage. A social stream with all relevant sources of information, special interest profiles and influencer channels helps to stay informed and provides useful social signals for new campaigns, products and services. For more inspiration from the social web!


Keeping an eye on the latest news

Journalists benefit from the use of streamchartz® in numerous ways. A social wall tailored to their specific needs is a convenient tool to keep track of the latest news or a particular subject in realtime and to be able to react to them immediately. After all, nowadays there is no source of world affairs and current events that is more up-to-date than social media.


All channels combined in a single stream

Companies and especially big corporations often run several social media channels. streamchartz® displays all different sources and media in one social news wall in a structured and comprehensive manner. With the full text search and the filter function, stakeholders can filter and search for topics and channels within the wall according to their interests. Thus employees and, where appropriate, users and customers receive a concise and holistic view of all communication activities.

Use Cases

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