Always up to date

User-generated content on the homepage

The homepage of a website creates the initial impression. So why not welcome users with the latest news about your brand and products? Social media posts by your community as well as company posts provide content that is always up to date and ready to be used without any editorial effort. The streamchartz® social wall can be integrated as a complete wall or in a carousel banner format.


More engagement with community pages

Displaying customer comments on a community page via a social wall brings a range of immediate advantages. A community page contributes in particular to strengthening the community building and increasing social engagement, as communication is facilitated across all social channels. Such an overview of the community helps customer services to better understand customer requirements and to respond quickly.


Hashtag promotions & raffles

Nowadays hashtags are part of every digital strategy. Social walls are useful for displaying hashtag promotions or raffles and bringing the content directly to the landing page of the respective marketing campaign. A great overview for you and your customers. #marketingmusthave

Hashtag Gewinnspiel Social Wall

Use Cases

In-store & outdoor