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The Christian Social Union in Bavaria is a Christian-democratic and conservative political party in Germany. The Political Party put a great matter in connecting with their voters through social media. The Party does not only use Streamchartz to collect social media Posts from their own social media pages but also from their members account and displays the content on the homepage. The content is mixed and displayed on an informative social wall.


CSU Social Wall


Why do CSU use Streamchartz?


CSU wants to make it easy for its followers and supporters to be updated with the latest news in real time and to be able to respond to it immediately. It’s also a great way for engagement and easily show voters what kind of issues and topics its members are raising. The social wall has helped in increasing the number of users who have become members in the party through the website.


With Streamchartz, political parties can collect content from unlimited social media profiles and hashtags from varies social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and many more! The social wall is the best thing to make the conversion rate on the website skyrocket.

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