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All The Features And Functions Needed To Collect And Display UGC

With Streamchartz, it is possible to clearly and comprehensively present many different sources and media on a social media or news wall, including integrated search and filter options by areas, topics, and channels.

Spam Shield

100% spam-free content and bad content terms in seven languages, plus a Google Vision image analysis filter.


Filter the individual content from hashtags or profiles and combines it into subcategories.

Search Content on Wall

Full-text search for the entire social wall & Rearrangement of search results

Google Analytics integration

Track and get more detail overview of the visitors to your social wall by adding Google Analytics tracking ID to the social wall's settings.

Real Time Update

Fast speed crawling to the content which means that the social wall update could be less than a minute

Topic Search

100 % spam-free content & Bad content terms in 7 languages & Google Vision image analysis filter.

Share Posts

Visitors can share any post from the social wall on your website to Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus

Delete & Approve Posts

You can delete any post in your project anytime and approve all the posts before it is published on the wall.

Users and Collaborators

You can add many users as you want and also change project ownership.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is automatically activated on our system and does not need to be done manually.

API Access

Get an access to our API and and speed development.

Profile Blocking

Block any profile from posting content on your project.

Design Editor

Create as many designs as you need and use them later for your different walls.

Creating Walls

Create as many walls as you need. Streamchartz does not limit the number of walls.

Media Storage

Upload your photos and Logos in the media store so it can be easy to use them anywhere.

White label

Place your brand logo on the top of the social wall.


Streamcharz social wall designed to work the exact same way on all devices.

SEO friendly

Google and other search engines can crawl the social wall page on the website efficiently.

Lightweight code

Copying the social wall code and embed it directly on your website page does not affect the website speed at all.

Easy To Use

The Streamchartz control panel is very clear and easy to use. You will control the whole project in only 5 specific sections.

GDPR & CCPA Compliant

Streamchartz meets the requirements for properly handling personal data as defined in the law.

No Coding Skills Needed

No programming skills required to create your own social media wall and display at an event or embed it on your website.

Keep or delete old posts automatically

Make posts get deleted automatically after setting a number of days.

Privacy & Security

Users can control and organize their personal information at any time in Streamchartz which protects any data collected.

Custom Banner

Integration of advertising & simple leads for online shops & Promotions & special offers & Sponsor advertising on event walls

Call to Action

Shop directly on the social wall as any post can be tagged with products, resulting in a rapid increase in conversions.


Detailed overview of daily and monthly posts as well as complete insights into user demographics.

Multi-language Support

German and English are supported whether in the software or in the customer support.

Dedicated Support

Help Center Page full of detailed answers and users can easily reach us through email, chat, and telephone.

Project Management

Easy To Use Control Panel

The Streamchartz dashboard is very easy to use and is organized into three main sections for creating and customizing social walls and two other sections for analytics, filtering and promotion purposes.


Whether the social wall is integrated as a carousel banner into an online shop or displayed on an in-store screen as a social stream.

Digital Signage Widget

Digital signage widget for POS TV screens, information screens, event walls focused on single posts by split screen display with image and text

TV Wall Widget

TV wall widget to get live dynamic on screen for social wall which provides continuous animated reordering of posts and offer customizable intervals

Event Wall

As a spam-free social wall and Realtime content update, Streamchartz enhances the collective experience of your visitors.

Website Wall Widget

Display the latest 5 posts as a carousel banner on your homepage by Dynamic form of presentation & Darousel for continuous updating

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