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Shot of a Floor-Standing LCD Touch Screen Display with User Interface of Online Clothing Shop Standing in Clothing Store. Self service Checkout. Diverse People in Fashionable Shop Buying Clothes.
For brand and product-related social content


Inspiring brand or product related posts by influencers, the community or your own social media department help build the brand and may trigger decisive buying impulses. It is also possible to connect the social stream e.g. to loyalty programmes: If a customer posts a picture of their purchase with the relevant hashtag, they are given a discount, a free drink etc. as a thank-you.
For Brand-new content without editorial effort


Welcome users with the latest news collected from social media and community pages about your brand and products on your website homepage creates the initial expression. Streamchartz is the perfect Tool to display relevant, dynamic content without any editorial effort.
For the continuous observation of the market


Within internal communication, Streamchartz serves as a tool for strategic knowledge transfer. Not only does it create the transparency desired by many employees but it also raises awareness for the external perception of the company and points out customer needs to employees.
For the continuous observation of the competition


Journalists or creative and marketing teams have to be ahead of time and recognize trends or to keep track of the latest news or a particular subject at an early stage to be able to react to them immediately. A social stream with all relevant sources of information, special interest profiles and influencer channels helps to stay informed and provides useful social signals for new campaigns, products and services.
A horizontal image of a large office space shot from above. 10 office workers can be seen below. There are three large tables spread out across the room with multiple workstations.
For inspiring product-related social content

Online Shops and E-Commerce

With Streamchartz the Lightbox of individual posts enables users to shop directly on the social wall. Hence any post can be tagged with products, resulting in a rapid increase in conversions. Streamchartz enables access to shop systems such as Shopify or WordPress and much more.

Hybrid and Virtual Events

With the Streamchartz Social Wall and cleverly positioned screens, networking goes digital: commenting on and discussing keynote presentations, recommending exciting links to other participants, promoting events and much more.







Digital Signage

With an integrated social wall combined with the digital signage widget, it offers interactive and dynamic content perfectly displayed. In particular, at the point of sale, at events or as part of out-of-home communication in the tourism industry, all the advantages of the social wall can be put on the screen and used specifically for the target group.

Unlimited Views

Streamchartz doesn't restrict the number of views on your social walls.

Real Time Update

Fast speed crawling to the content which means that the social wall update could be less than a minute.

Unlimited Walls

Create as many walls as you need. Streamchartz does not limit the number of walls.

Custom CSS and Style Editor

Use the custom CSS and Style Editor to customize the look of your social wall.

Unlimited Displaying and Embeds

Embed or display the social media wall on any number of websites or TV Screen, we don't restrict the number.

12 Supported Channel

Leverage content from various media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and more.

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