Improve Your Community Management​

From the exchange between employees, departments, locations and stores for knowledge transfer to the traditional observation of the market.

The image of the workplace

Show your workplace from the best side: from the point of view of your employees. Social walls can also be used to give new applicants insight into their future workplace.

Identify customer requirements

As a community tool, Streamchartz provides essential services. The continuous observation of customer satisfaction within a social community enables both customer services and marketing to draw important conclusions while it also helps to gradually improve customer communication.

More knowledge for all employees

In large companies in particular, the exchange between employees, departments, sites and branches makes an important contribution to employer branding. Within internal communication, Streamchartz serves as a tool for strategic knowledge transfer. It also raises awareness for the external perception of the company and points out customer needs to employees.

Realtime monitoring for market observation

Streamchartz also serves as a convenient tool for market monitoring. Trends can be identified at an early stage and you can quickly respond to the latest competitive developments in the market, making sure that you are always one step ahead.

All content senders in one stream

Streamchartz comprehensively present the many different sources and media on a social news wall, including integrated search and filter options by areas, topics and channels. In this way, employees, and possibly also users and customers, receive a compact, holistic picture of all communication activities.

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