Online Shops

Benefit From Influencers And Social Content​

Using the Design Editor, custom banners, topical search function and interfaces to e-commerce systems, Streamchartz can be fully customized.

Increase Conversions

Featuring a call-to-action button, the advertising posts link directly to e.g. individual product detail pages

Buying impulses in the social wall carousel

Reviews of satisfied customers, influencer recommendations or user and DIY tips for particular products or – they all can positively influence the decision to purchase and lead to the decisive impulse to buy. streamchartz® can therefore be integrated directly into online shops as carousel banners.

Shop directly on the social wall

With Streamchartz the Lightbox of individual posts enables users to shop directly on the social wall. Hence any post can be tagged with products, resulting in a rapid increase in conversions. Streamchartz enables access to shop systems such as Magento, Pimcore or WordPress Plugins.

Hashtags and Promotions

Social walls are useful for displaying hashtag promotions or raffles and bringing content directly to the landing page of the respective marketing campaign. A great overview for you and your customers.

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