Digital Signage

Convey More Than Just Information​

With an integrated social wall combined with the digital signage widget, it offers interactive and dynamic content perfectly displayed

Attract more customers

Displaying user-generated content on a digital signage screen will achieve your brand awareness goals!

Continuous inspiration on digital signages

When it comes to giving the brand’s lifestyle, the corporate philosophy or select products of the month the perfect platform, there is no better place than right where the customer is: in flagship stores, branches or outlets. Inspiring brand or product related posts by influencers, the community or your own social media department help build the brand and may trigger decisive buying impulses.

Customer entertainment with added value

From fashion shops to gyms to restaurants, huge flatscreens are nowadays part of every modern store equipment. Yet many only show static content, the TV programme without sound or – even worse – they are turned off. It is also possible to connect the social stream e.g. to loyalty programmes: If a customer posts a picture of their purchase with the relevant hashtag, they are given a discount, a free drink etc. as a thank-you.

Increase sales

Streamchartz is the perfect opportunity to display relevant, dynamic content without any editorial effort.

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