Streamchartz analytics gives you the necessary data regarding the sources and users.

  1. In the main dashboard you will see the number of posts in all the walls you created
  2. Analytics about the daily posts and the percentage compared to the day before
  3. Analytics about the Top Domain and Hashtag
  4. You can also have a detailed overview of the daily and monthly posts on different used hashtags as well as where those posts coming from which channels
  5. The number of views, scrolled down, detail by day, month or custom period can be easily seen there.
  6. Countries, Device, operating system and browser of the users can also be seen easily in the analytics dashboard
  7. Data about which domain is acquiring more or less visitors 

To use Google Analytics with Streamchartz in order to get a detailed view of the data, go to the corresponding wall and click on metadata and then write your google analytics ID on the corresponding field.

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