Design Editor

You can create as many designs as you need and use them later your walls

  1. Give the Design a name to differentiate it from other designs that you have or will create later.
  2. Define whether you want the wall to be displayed fully on screen, Autoload Posts can also be edited here.
  3. Post title Size, Color and Google font can easily be edit also here.
  4. Add your logo and a headline if you wish and simply adjust its color.
  5. Show or Hide Search option and define its color icon is also possible
  6. You can also show or hide the text post as well as the links.
  7. Define also the maximum number of words of the post and the text size and color
  8. Show Share button or hide it and easily edit its color and text size
  9. On the Grid menu, you can define the width of the posts, spacing between posts, border of posts and border color
  10. On the background menu, you can also color the background of the wall or upload the wall
  11. Feed Style as a grid is possible at the end of the menu and you can also add a headline

You can adjust the size of the post banner through custom CSS, otherwise it will be displayed dynamically.

You can change the color of the text in button of CTA in design. Go to the corresponding Design Theme and in general settings click on text color and choose the color you want.

Go to the design theme that you want to create Custom CSS for it, click edit and start customizing your theme.

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