Filtration & Topic Search

If you set filter words (words or hashtags), only posts will be displayed on your wall which contain one of those words. You can create a list of words to use in filtering your wall, however, the number of words is restricted to your paid plan. After creating the words in filtration, you can go to the exact wall you want to filter these words in and click on limit and select the filter words that you need.

You can create specific topics for your wall using predefined search filters such as profiles, filter words, and hashtags. If a visitor to your wall selects a topic, he will only be shown posts that meet the settings defined there.
To create a topic, go to topic search at the left side bar menu and click on New topic. Give the topic a name and upload a corresponding image. Now click on filters and select the profiles, filterwords or the hashtags that you want to display its posts on it.

On the Spam shield at the left menu, you can enter a list of undesired bad words. Posts that use these terms in the text or as a hashtag are not displayed on the social wall. Enter bad words as many as you need.

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