Unfortunately, users currently can’t add any further projects. If something changed, it will be update it here.

Under the Wall Section in your project, you can online or pause your project in any time you want, however, in case of deactivation all the walls created will not be visible, and new post will not be added.

On the top right of Streamchartz screen click on your email and then my profile. You can simply write or update your personal and company information.

As a user you can change the language of your dashboard anytime, just click on your email on the top right of Streamchartz screen and then click on your profile, go to the bottom of the page and simply change the language.

You can disconnect and reconnect any social profile you have anytime, just go to my profile on the top right of the screen under your email and then click on social.

On the top right of the screen under your email address click on my profile, you will find a button at the bottom of the page.

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About Us

Together with your own content, streamchartz® creates an appealing, inspiring social wall around your company. Adapted to your needs and your CI – displayed on your website, in your online shop or on your event screens. Uncomplicated, spam-proof and without ongoing expenditure of time for you.