Managing Walls

Yes, you can delete any post in your project anytime. Go to the Dashboard and then search for the post you want to delete and then click delete.

Yes, you can block any user profile from posting content on your project. Go to the Dashboard and on the right side of the screen click block profile. You can unblock it anytime you want, but please note that the old post is already gone, new posts will appear automatically on the wall.

At the right-side menu, select My Media under, you can upload as many images as you want which you can use them as a header for wall, as Native or sponsored Banner posts, and for the topic search as well as for background image for your wall.

Yes, you can approve all the posts before it is published on the wall, click edit project on the top middle of the screen and go to queue, select queue posts. You will find the posts that needs manually validation on the Dashboard, right on the top of the wall click validate and then delete any post you don’t want it and go to the bottom of the page and click *post are safe, next. *

Yes, you can activate and deactivate any wall you created, just click on walls on the left side menu and click edit on any wall you want to activate or deactivate it. You will find the active button at the top.

Yes, duplicate content is automatically activated on our system.

Yes, you can activate or deactivate any source anytime, just click on content on the left side menu and you are ready to go.

Yes, you can define the channels that will appear on the content section for use from your project. Click on edit project and then on social networks and select the channels that you want to use.

Yes, you can make the posts be deleted automatically after number of days. Click on edit project and go to social networks, scroll down to the bottom of the page and write the number of days to keep your posts on your social wall.

Yes, you can put your new posts in a queue for a sometime which will be post it automatically. Click on edit project and go to queue, write the number of minutes in *publish automatically*

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