The smart social wall for websites, events, online shops and digital advertising

How it works

Social streaming made easy

How you make profitable use of social media content for your company.

Gather content

The streamchartz® social wall gathers content from social networks by means of hashtags and defined pages and displays them in a social stream.

Filtering spam

The streamchartz® spam shield only allows spam-free social media content onto the social feed, through innovative filtering.

Social wall output

The streamchartz® wall can be integrated according to individual requirements on websites, apps, orevent/TV/outdoor/in-store screens.

Using extras

The streamchartz® wall can be individually customised with a design editor, custom banners, searches and interfaces to e-commerce systems.

More than just content

The features make the difference

Spam Shield

The streamchartz® spam shield can be adapted as required. Bad content terms in seven languages, unwanted word combinations, the Google Vision image analysis filter, as well as self-defined filters, ensure a spam-free stream.

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Custom Banner

Advertising banners can also be integrated into the streamchartz® social stream. Leads can be generated this way, especially for online shops. The incorporation of advertising or sponsor banners also opens up refinancing options.

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TV-Wall Widget

The streamchartz® TV-wall widget ensures even greater dynamism on your TV screens and event walls. As soon as a new posting is published on the social stream, the new and already existing postings are rearranged. This can be booked easily as an add-on for each package.

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Postings from defined locations can be automatically included on the wall. Social postings by event participants, customers or location guests can thus be gathered and displayed easily.

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Recommendations by satisfied customers inspire and generate significant buying impulses. Streamchartz® therefore offers an interface to standard e-commerce systems, allowing shopping directly on the wall.

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Users can filter the postings very simply, by topic and network, by means of the integrated full-text search. Additionally you can set your own search filters e.g. the most relevant keywords to provide extra comfort for your customers.

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For each application

The right stream

Social Hub

Good content without your own editing does not have to be a dream! With a social hub, you can continuously place current social content on your website. Streamchartz® filters relevant postings from your own social community or third-party content and projects them on your website in an embedded social stream. This increases the visitor frequency of your website and the time users spend on it.




Nowhere else are so many photos and videos posted within a short period of time and wildly commented on as on events. streamchartz® uses this social engagement of event participants and benefits from it in a number of ways: the social wall enhances the shared experience and supports community building, as well as networking among the guests. Preannouncements and post-reporting can also be placed optimally on the streamchartz® social wall. Furthermore, promotions can be accompanied easily by the social stream.


When products are presented in social networks by wide-coverage influencers, they quite often become a trend – and are sold out within a very short time. The social wall of streamchartz® pools product-related social content and shows how satisfied customers and influencers have already used the products. Potential buyers are offered an additional decision-making tool it generates leads for your online shops via e-commerce interfaces.


In stationary trading, the social stream is displayed on digital screens. Brand-related or product-related posts by influencers or your own social community help customer decision-making, illustrate the brand lifestyle and encourage customers to also become part of the community.

Social Newsroom

Social media are the quickest source of information nowadays. News spreads like wildfire through Facebook, Twitter and co. Every newsroom must therefore have a social stream. Whether it is on the big screen, as a virtual feed or research tool – news is grasped at a glance and processed quickly.

Office Solutions

Whether as in in-house newsfeed or in customer service, as a monitoring tool streamchartz® always keeps an eye on the market, competitors and customer satisfaction. On the basis of the information gathered, you can quickly react to current events. In the context of employer branding, the social wall furthermore strengthens employee identification with the corporate brand.

Interactive outdoor
social wall

Even in public places, the streamchartz® social wall can be displayed on Citylights. Owing to touchscreen, it can even function interactively. These are ideal conditions therefore for gaining offline leads for the retail trade or gastronom, through the social stream and its intergrated advertising banners.

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