Experience the Oscar Awards 2017 with streamchartz®

29. March 2017

All discussion topics and viral social media posts of Oscar awards at a glance ...


When the coveted Academy Awards are awarded again on 26th February and the celebrities walk down the red carpet, many viewers over here will be following this event on TV. We know from experience that social media are also a hub of activity during such TV events. Which award winner will be the number one topic of conversation? Which speech moved the spectators the most? And which dress is the most beautiful? What do the celebrities post themselves during the awards? The “Oscar Wall” hosted by streamchartz brings together the posts of the Academy, of the nominees and the viewers in one stream.

The trend towards second screen

While watching TV, a lot of surfing, posting and twittering is going on, to discuss and comment on the TV programme on social media. “The parallel use of mobile devices such as a smartphone or tablet while the TV programme is running is referred to as the so-called ‘second screen’ phenomenon,” Bernd Löschenbrand at streamchartz explains. The increasing popularity of mobile devices and the increasing importance of social media in society contribute to the spread of this phenomenon. “A social wall reflects all trend topics at TV events and thereby acts as a kind of live ticker and mood barometer. The Oscar Wall is therefore of interest to editors not only with regard to monitoring, but also as automatically generated content for the website of the medium”, Bernd Löschenbrand continues.

How does the Oscar Wall work?

The Oscar Wall is a social wall developed by streamchartz that presents social media posts about the Oscar Awards by means of hashtags and predefined profile pages, clearly and in realtime in a stream. Social walls can be displayed for any defined special interest topics. These allow one to maintain an overview of relevant posts and trends. They can be presented on websites, TV screens and event screens, as well as on out-of-home or in-store displays.

They open up new possibilities in many respects: as a monitoring tool in the newsroom, to increase involvement in community management, in e-commerce or at events. Social walls represent a wide range of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. One need not worry about spam posts. They are filtered out automatically through comprehensive spam protection, the streamchartz spam shield.

The streamchartz premium social wall can do even more: it boasts an integrated search function, enables individual interfaces to e-commerce systems and offers the possibility to include banners of advertising clients or sponsors directly on the wall.

Streamchartz makes the Oscar Wall available free of charge

Would you like a live ticker for the Oscar awards that displays THE current topics of discussion on Oscar Night – including postings by celebrities and a glimpse behind the scenes? Then link or integrate the Oscar Wall free of charge on your website. Request the embed code without obligation. With a few clicks, the Oscar Wall is all set and your readers are right in the midst of events.

You can find the Oscar Wall here.