Buzzword „Social Wall“

10. April 2017

Around 75 percent of all Internet users nowadays are on at least one social media platform ...

Around 75 percent of all Internet users nowadays are active on at least one social media platform and spread information in realtime. Owing to the large volumes of content posted daily, it is increasingly difficult to keep an overview of relevant topics and trends. However, the potential of social media content can be fully exploited with a social wall.

The social wall defies a flood of content

A social wall brings together special interest topics from social networks in a clear stream, by means of hashtags and defined pages. This can be displayed on websites, TV and event screens, as well as out-of-home or in-store displays. The usage possibilities are wide-ranging and support the increasing need for information.

While the social wall serves as a monitoring tool in the newsroom with which one can keep an eye on competitors and influencers, when incorporated within a website it gathers postings from one’s own social media community or relevant third-party content.

It also opens up new avenues for trade, whether it is in e-commerce or via in-store displays in stationary trade. As the social wall shows, through product-related hashtags, how customers are already using the product, it offers potential buyers and additional decision-making tool. The incorporation of advertising banners also enables leads to be generated for online shops.

Details differ for each provider

Social walls incorporate a wide range of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. One does not need to be concerned about spam postings. Postings that contravene the community rules are filtered out automatically by applications such as streamchartz with a comprehensive spam protection shield.

The streamchartz premium social wall can do even more: it has an integrated search function, enables individual interfaces to e-commerce systems and makes it possible to include banners from advertising customers or sponsors. This also opens up refinancing possibilities. Owing to the free test version available online, you can get to know the benefits of streamchartz without obligation.