What any digital strategy in 2017 should take into account

10. April 2017

These marketing trends should be taken into account in any strategy ...

Marketing Trends

2017 will also see many changes in digital marketing, owing to the rapid change in the technology sector and new tools. These five trends should be taken into account.

Video wherever you look

In social networks, it is especially visual content that draws the attention of the users. No other format brings together information and entertainment as successfully as the video. On Facebook alone, eight billion videos are watched every day. Due to Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, Snapchat Stories and 360-degree videos, the video format is increasingly gaining significance. As the way videos are consumed has changed, they should be optimised especially for social networks. There is still room for improvement also from a technical point of view: the resolution is constantly increasing, loading times are getting shorter. Owing to the increasing number of videos, video ads are also gaining importance.

Social wall: clever use of social media content

Social walls include special interest content in a clear stream by means of hashtags and/or profiles. It can be displayed on websites, TV screens, event screens, out-of-home or in-store displays. Whether as a monitoring tool in a newsroom, as a news ticker on a company website or as an interactive element at events – the usage possibilities are wide-ranging. Especially in the field of social commerce there is still a lot of unexploited potential.

Social walls such as the award-winning application “streamchartz” incorporate a wide range of social networls, filter out spam postings and provide the possibility to include advertising banners from sponsors or advertising customers and a direct link to one’s own online shop.

Intelligent chatbots

Artifical intelligence is no longer a futuristic vision and has now entered the field of marketing. Intelligent chatbots allow the further automation of customer communication. Objective: self-service. Many enquiries can be processed simply and directly by chatbots. The automated 24/7 customer service scores has the advantage of constant availability and time-saving, for companies as well as for customers.

Mobile is a must

Google is registering increasing numbers of mobile search requests – with an upward tendency. In order to take account of this development, Google introduced an additional mobile index last year, whose search results are based on the mobile versions of the websites and which is designed to show the changed usage habits. At this point marketers should regard the implementation of a responsive design as imperative. Google now also definitively favours AMP-supported websites that have significantly shorter loading times.

From a content point of view, it is also recommended to adapt to new usage habits. Users will especially favour content that can be consumed on a smartphone, such as short texts, images, infographics and videos. In light of this, there is also an increasing focus on optimisation for language search enquiries. The four major digital enterprises Apple (Siri), Amazon (Alexa), Facebook (M) and Google (Google Home) have invested in the development of language control tools. Short, direct answers to user questions, so-called featured snippets, thereby gain significance from an SEO perspective.

No content marketing without paid content

As organic coverage in social networks has decreased, marketers should adapt to placing more paid content. To achieve conversions here despite competitive pressure, it is essential firstly to invest in the production of quality content, and secondly to fully exploit the potential of targeting.