How to apply streamchartz® at events

Social Wall auf Konferenz

A social hub for conferences, congresses & conventions

At conferences and congresses, the focus is on professional exchanges and establishing new business contacts. With the streamchartz® social wall and cleverly positioned screens, networking goes digital: commenting on and discussing keynote presentations, recommending exciting links to other participants, promoting events and much more – it’s that simple with streamchartz®.


Community building at festivals & concerts

At festivals people celebrate, laugh, dance together – and they post content. Why not share happy moments on a huge screen and give your guests 15 seconds of fame? As a spam-free social wall, streamchartz® enhances the collective experience of your visitors while offering the event organiser the possibility to place event information, promotions and sponsor banners on the social wall.


Sharing the thrill of sports events

Sports events connect people – but how do you give a platform not only to the athletes and clubs, but also to fans and event organisers? The unique features of streamchartz® help you make the most of matches, competitions or championships. The streamchartz® social wall strengthens the sense of community among the fans and their association with the team. It also accompanies promotions and loyalty programmes and offers a platform for sponsors by means of advertising banners.

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