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Spam-free content

Spam Shield

The streamchartz® social wall features unique anti-spam protection. While the bad-content filter automatically blocks postings with negative or spam-ridden terms, the word-combination filter screens by means of individually defined keywords. The spam shield also makes use of the Google image-analysis filter. This prevents images with pornographic content or typical advertising content from reaching the social wall. Would you like a hundred percent security? A simple release process with personal, manual validation is possible in addition.

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Increasing revenue

Custom Banner

Advertising banners can also be included on the social wall. This offers new possibilities e.g. for the generation of leads for online shops. For example, promotions and special offers can be displayed to the social community in a targeted manner. Local promotions in stationary trading can also be digitised with out-of-home or in-store screens. Custom banners allow sponsorship partners to be tied into events.

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A more dynamic stream

TV-Wall Widget

The TV-wall widget brings additional dynamism into your social stream. As soon as a new posting appears for your topic, the wall is activated and all postings are rearranged. This is a particularly modern feature and enlivens the social stream further, especially for events and TV screens.

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Make better use of screens

Digital Signage Widget

Digital signage can do more than simply convey information: with an integrated social wall combined with a digital signage widget, it offers perfectly displayed interactive and dynamic content. Especially at the point of sale, at events or as part of out-of-home communication in the travel industry, all advantages of the social wall can so be put on the screen and used precisely according to the target group.


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Local postings


To support events or local promotions with a social wall, it is possible to exclusively import postings from a defined radius by means of geofencing. To do so, simply specify a radius around the event location or specific coordinates and the social wall will belong to your local community.

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Shopping Lightbox in Social Wall
Increase Sales

e-commerce function

Product-related social content offers potential buyers a decision-making tool and generates direct conversions for online shops by means of e-commerce interfaces. Online shopping is enabled directly on the social wall through the Lightbox of individual posts. streamchartz® enables connections to shop systems such as Magento, Pimcore or WordPress Plugins. For all other shop systems, we would be happy to find a customised solution with you.

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Make a wish

Individualisation on demand

Apart from the design, we can adapt the social wall to individual customer requirements. From access to CMS systems to new interactive solutions, we would be happy to work out new application possibilities for you.

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