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Targeted use of social content when out and about

Create inspiration

Social stream on TV screens

Support brand-related or product-related posts by your own social community, displayed on in-store screens, presenting the brand lifestyle: you inspire, but can also positively influence the decision to buy. When products are presented by influencers, they quite often become a must-have product that can be shopped for directly on-site.

Better use of screens

Social engagement made easy

Nowadays huge Flatscreens are part of every store equipment. From clothes shops to gyms or restaurants – everyone has big TV-Screens in their sales rooms. Many times they show static content, tv program without sound or worst case – they are turned off. streamchartz® delivers relevant and dynamic content. Those can help to ease the buying decision or connect with loyality programs e.g. a customer posts a picture of his purchase with the related hashtag, he will get a discount or a free drink as a thank you.

Further Information

On interactive advertising spaces

Social walls can even be displayed in public places via digital advertising panels. Owing to a touchscreen, it often works even interactively. These are ideal conditions for generating offline leads for the retail trade, gastronomy or tourist destinations by means of the social wall and its intergrated advertising banners with specific local offers.

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