Social Walls in the Newsroom

Always keeping an eye on world affairs

Corporate Communication

Keep your stakeholders informed

Especially big companies and holdings often have several channels in social media. streamchartz® can display all different sources and media in one social stream. With the full text search and the search filter function, stakeholders can filter and search within the wall regarding their interests. In this way interested users will get a clear and holistic view of all communication activities.


Digital Trendscouting

Creative and marketing teams have to recognize trends as soon as possible. A social stream with all important information, special interest profiles and channels of influencers helps to stay informed and delivers useful social signals for new campaigns, products and services. streamchartz® – for more inspiration!

Realtime Social Wall

Press Newsroom

Nowadays no source of world affairs and current events is more current than social media. Whatever the occasion – people post directly from the where the event is taking place. Especially in the area of the press, traditional media must always keep an eye on social channels. For press newsrooms the integration in addition as an individualised news tool fo every journalist is therefore recommended, alongside a live wall displayed via a screen.

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